There is a wide range of BMX bikes for sale online and at local bike shops.  As you shop for one for yourself or your kid, these tips will help you locate the one that fits your purposes and your budget.

1. Know the Type of  Bike you Want

You will find 3 types of BMX bikes for sale

BMX: True BMX bikes are the original style that was developed to mimic motocross motorcycles.  Today’s BMX are light and lively, designed for racing in the dirt.  They feature 20-inch wheels, upright handlebars, knobby tires, long cranks and hand brakes for the rear.  Chromoly frames are heavier but more affordable; aluminum frames are lighter and pricier. Frames come in 4 sizes: mini, junior, expert and pro.

Freestyle: These BMX bikes for sale are designed for trick riding on flat surfaces, urban obstacles or in skate parks.  They offer beefy construction.  Going with a chromoly frame will save you money and the extra weight gives the bike stability and won’t affect performance because this isn’t a racing or jumping bike.  If you are looking for the best all-around bike to buy, this is it.  Features include 48-wire spokes, pavement tires, axle pegs and a detangler for the brake cable.

Dirt Jumper: Also know simply as jumpers, these BMX bikes for sale are built for getting air.  Light, rugged frames are essential and heavy treads are recommended for controlling landings. [click to continue…]

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